BeeMovrML Lab
We plan to use to improve our core prediction model for honey yield.
We plan to use to manage data pipelines and security controls.
Watson Studio
We plan to use Watson Studio to create AI models that can help beekeepers minimize their colony loss and maximize survival rates. USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) provides datasets of every state's honeybee colony loss from the last eight years (2015 - present). We are utilizing IBM AI Technologies to help our beekeepers better understand what kind of statistical trends are going on, and thereby help them better anticipate and prepare for what's likely to happen in the future regarding their bees. As such, we will identify which areas beekeepers need the most help with, and give them exactly that. By this, we mean historical analysis and future predictions of the data points that matter the most to beekeepers (e.g. modeling of historical and future colony loss, survival rates, and honey yield) and presenting these results here at for our users.